Where are we now?

The CarbonNet Project is currently at feasibility stage. The focus is on addressing the project's key challenges, which are not dissimilar to those experienced by CCS projects globally:

  • Storage certainty: The CarbonNet Project is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of potential storage sites. The site selection process involves Australian and international experts and aims to determine viable locations for the safe, long term and secure storage of CO2
  • Technical integration: Potential carbon capture plants and technologies are being investigated for the establishment of an economically viable network to capture, transport and store CO2
  • Regulatory requirements: The regulatory challenge is focused on ensuring the regulatory framework is effective and the local and wider community has confidence in its integrity
  • Developing a business model: CCS must be economically viable and attract private sector participants and investment
  • Stakeholder engagement: Ongoing engagement of the local community and other stakeholders will continue throughout the project's lifecycle.