3.0 A Tool in the Public Consultation and Public Engagement Kit

We value the communities we work in, and therefore want to ensure that we are addressing the issues that matter to those communities.

Each of the industry partners involved in Pioneer-TransAlta, Capital Power and Enbridge – has experience in consulting and building relationships with stakeholder groups. TransAlta has a long history of working with the general public and other stakeholders in the communities in the Project region. For over 30 years, TransAlta has maintained an open dialogue with local residents and the community and has worked to address concerns of local stakeholders.

In designing our public consultation program, consideration was given to the potential impacts of the Project; expected levels of public interest; and potential areas of concern. The nature and type of the work was also taken into account.

Our objectives for the stakeholder consultation program included:

  • To inform and consult with stakeholders regarding Project plans in the region;
  • To actively seek to identify and address any concerns of the stakeholders; and
  • To provide regular updates on Project activities in the region.

We will continue to work to build strong, long-term relationships by collaborating with and listening to our neighbours, and to seek to understand the different priorities and concerns of communities.

One mechanism we have to do this is by polling the public.