2.0 Introduction to the Polling Activity

In partnership with Shell Canada, TransAlta commissioned a polling firm in the summer of 2010, to conduct research amongst Canadians and Albertans regarding their perceptions of carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Both corporate entities, with two separate CCS projects (Shell's Quest, and TransAlta's Pioneer), felt that with the shortage of established data on the subject of public perceptions on CCS, this initial research would serve to create baselines of perceptions not only at the local level, where the coal-fired plant Keephills 3 and the future carbon capture facility (CCF) of Pioneer would be located, but also to gauge the broader public acceptance for CCS, and to better understand where people would have questions regarding the technology, so that we could work to address those.

What people would tell us through public polling, would form one of a number of pillars that would help determine a public engagement strategy, so we could ensure we were addressing the right issues that people had questions about.

This initial polling activity in 2010 was designed to establish both an Alberta and a Canada baseline for the purposes of Project Pioneer.