1.0 Introduction to Pioneer

Project Pioneer represents a major step toward advancing the reduction of a key greenhouse gas (GHG) emission – carbon dioxide.

TransAlta and its project partners believe that maintaining the long-term viability of fossil-fired generation is a global necessity. Through economic carbon capture and storage (CCS) we can keep coal and natural gas as fuel options while addressing climate change concerns. Much of the world, including Canada, is fortunate to have huge, reliable reserves of low-cost coal – more coal than oil, in fact. Within the global electricity generation mix, coal is vital and often the only practical fuel for some regions. With billions of dollars of energy infrastructure already built (and billions more to come) carbon capture and storage (CCS) may be the only way to minimize the long-term impact these facilities will have on the environment over the course of their lifespan.

Project Pioneer will demonstrate a post-combustion, retrofit ccs process that can be attached to existing energy infrastructure.

A solution to the CO2 emissions challenge exists through CCS technology. CCS is a safe, tested and effective technology for reducing the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere. A number of projects have already demonstrated that with proper site selection, design and management, CO2 can be successfully stored for many years.