List of abbreviations

°API American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity
°C degrees Celsius
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation
APPEA Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Ltd
B. Basin
bbl barrel (= 0.158987294929 m3)
BOPD barrel of oil per day
Btu British thermal unit (= 1,055.05585 joules)
C. Central
C2H6 Ethane
cf or scf standard cubic foot (= 0.028316846592 m3)
CH4 methane
CO2 carbon dioxide
CO2-e carbon dioxide equivalent (= mass of gas × GWP of gas)
CO2CRC Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies
d day
D darcy (= 0.9869233 µm2)
DMO Domestic Market Obligation
E. East
EGR enhanced gas recovery
EOR enhanced oil recovery
Fm formation
FTP First Tranche Petroleum
Gp group
GTL gas to liquids
GWP global warming potential
hr hour
IEA International Energy Agency
IEA GHG IEA Greenhouse Gas Research and Development Programme
IFT interfacial tension
J joule
kg kilogram
LNG liquid natural gas
m, m2, m3 metre, square metre, cubic metre (Nm3 = standard cubic metre)
MMP minimum miscibility pressure
mol mole
N. North or Northern
NPV net present value
P poise (= 0.001 Pa.s)
Pa pascal
Pres reservoir pressure
PSC production sharing contract
PV present value
RKB rig kelly bushing
S. South
Sst Sandstone
t tonne (= 1000 kg)
T temperature
UNSW The University of New South Wales
vol% percent volumetric concentration
W watt
W. West
WAG water-alternating-gas
yr year