Existing projects

There are no full-scale operating CO2 transport and injection projects in South-East Asia in which CO2 is extracted from a natural gas development and the CO2 subsequently stored or used for enhanced oil or gas recovery. However, there are several significant existing or planned gas-field CO2 storage projects elsewhere in the world. The main features of these projects are summarised below and described in more detail in the body of this report.

Main features of existing or planned gas-field CO2 injection and storage projects worldwide

Project Sleipner Snøhvit In Salah Weyburn-Midale (CO2 EOR) (*) Gorgon
Economy Norway Norway Algeria Canada Australia
Basin North Sea Hammerfest Ahnet-Timimoun Williston Barrow Sub-Basin
Formation Utsira Tubåen Krechba Midale Dupuy
CO2 injection rate in Mt/yr 1 0.7 1 2.8 2.7 to 3.2
Number and type of wells 1 × 1,250 m perforated horizontal 1 vertical 3 × 1,000 m perforated horizontal 650 production & 289 injection (Weyburn only) 9 vertical

(*) Included for comparison; not a natural gas development project

The existence of these projects demonstrates in general terms the technical viability of CO2 injection and storage associated with gas field developments.