4.3 Source assumptions

For each selected storage formation, we assume a representative gas discovery with high CO2 content as the CO2 emission source. We assume that the representative discovery is located in the same formation and the produced CO2 is injected into a saline formation below the gas reservoir.

Table 3 summarises the key parameters of representative gas discoveries in the formations. We assume resources and a CO2 content of each representative gas discovery based on data for actual gas discoveries in each formation.

Since both resources and the CO2 content of each representative gas discovery are subject to large uncertainties, we carry out sensitivity analyses to evaluate the impact of changes in CO2 flow-rate on the economics. Table 4 gives the CO2 flow-rates we assume for the sensitivity analyses.

Figure 8 – Sedimentary basins in South-East Asia [60]

Source: Newlands, I. and R. Langford, 2005. CO2 Storage Prospectivity of Selected Sedimentary Basins in the Region of China and SouthEast Asia, Geoscience Australia, APEC Energy Working Group project EWG 06/2003.