1. Context

Part 1 of this report focuses in detail on the short-listed CO2 reuse technologies, so that the characteristics of each technology are thoroughly understood. An in-depth understanding of the technologies is a prerequisite for determining their overall potential to accelerate the uptake of CCS.

Part 2 of this report takes a step back from the detailed technology evaluation and considers the broader economic and commercial framework for CO2 reuse, with the aim of exploring the question:

How can CO2reuse accelerate the uptake of CCS?

In order to explore this question, it is fundamental to understand:

  • the current CO2 market – the supply/demand balance, and the pricing of bulk CO2; and
  • the commercial framework for ccs – considering what carbon emissions pricing or regulatory requirements might be imposed in the future, and how they relate to the costs of CO2 capture and storage.

Following a review of the CO2 market and commercial framework for CCS, a number of deployment scenarios are considered. The deployment scenarios consider the technologies by category (as defined in Part 1 – Section 3) and are intended to provide an overview of how the implementation of various categories of CO2 reuse technologies may accelerate the uptake of CCS.