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Top 10 universities to study climate change

Number 4 - Imperial College London

Imperial College London campus, London, England, United Kingdom (Credit: Wikimedia)

QS ranks London the #2 student city in the world, after Paris. Imperial College London is just one of the options you have to attend if you want to go to a leader in climate change solutions.  Imperial is an English public research university which specialises in science, engineering, medicine and business. The University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences hosts the Grantham Institute for Climate Change. The Grantham Institute conducts climate change related research and communicates knowledge to help shape decision-making. The College’s Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) was established to make a global impact on energy and environmental security policy, management of environmental quality, and sustainable transitions in environmental governance. This is achieved through collaborative research and engagement, supporting efforts on environment, energy and health throughout the College assets:  54
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Number 3 - University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh campus, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom (Credit: Wikimedia)

UNESCO loves Edinburgh - its old town and new town are world heritage sites and in 2004 it was named the World's first UNESCO city of literature.  It also a great eclectic feel with events such as its Fringe Festival and certainly a town that loves a good party.  Combined with a top-notch school for climate change solutions and Edinburgh has itself a nice combination for attracting university students.    Most of the University’s research output is focused on understanding solving global challenges such as disease and climate change. Staff and students are involved in transforming their own activities through programmes such as the Edinburgh Sustainability Awards. assets: 88
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Number 2 -  University College London (UCL)

Rockefeller Building on the University College London campus, United Kingdom (Credit: Wikimedia)

University College London is a public research university in England that has done quiet a bit of work with the Global CCS Institute around the legal frameworks for implementing CCS.  UCL academics partner with organisations and governments to address the world’s most urgent problems. The UCL Environment Change Research Centre conducts inter-disciplinary research into climate change. UCL offers a cross disciplinary degree, and post graduate studies in climate change.  UCL has done lots of work with the Global CCS Institute through the Carbon Capture Legal Programme, which had a big impact in pushing it up the list although even without the CCLP work it would still be in the leaders list. assets: 100
Recommended reading: The collection of resources from the Carbon Capture Use and Storage Legal Resource Net - a joint initiative between UCL and the Institute.

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