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Top 10 universities to study climate change

Number 10 - Harvard University

Harvard Yard, part of Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA  (Credit: Wikimedia)

Times Higher Education (THE) recently ranked Harvard the most reputable university in the world so its no surprise it is putting significant effort into bringing us world-leading climate change solutions.  Harvard scholars conduct research in almost every field – including energy and environmental systems. Members of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences carry out research in multiple areas – collaborating with colleagues throughout the university on topics including energy and environmental technologies. The Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) is made up of an intellectual community from across the university to solve complex environmental problems. HUCE’s Future of Energy initiative is concerned with the areas of energy and climate. assets: 31
Recommended reading: Look into the work on the Harvard Clean Energy Project on plastic solar cell materials

Number 9 - Columbia University

College Walk, part of the Columbia University campus, New York City, New York, USA (Credit: Wikimedia)

Columbia University is one of the oldest universities in the United States but its certainly not stuck in the past when it comes to future solutions to decarbonise the economy.  The University’s Earth Institute brings together the people and tools needed to address some of the world’s most difficult problems including climate change. Within the Institute, the Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy researches opportunities for capturing carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion and reducing carbon emissions. assets: 32
Recommended reading: Check out work from Jeffrey Sachs, an economist who is the Director of the Earth Institute.


Number 8 - University of California, Berkeley

Memorial Glade and Sather Tower, part of UC Berkely in Berkeley, California, USA (Credit: Wikimedia)

The Bay Area around San Francisco attracts some serious intellectual talent.  Berkeley Lab is a US Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory that conducts a wide variety of unclassified scientific research for DOE's Office of Science.  The University of California, Berkeley, is a public research university which, through the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI), is the coordinating hub for the university’s energy and climate efforts. The Institute integrates science, engineering, social science, market, and policy research. assets: 34
Recommended reading: This guide for local governments on rolling out solar, a joint effort between the DOE's Berkeley Lab and the University.

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