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Storage campaign round-up

Following the launch of the Institute's Global Status of CCS: 2010 report, we have been running short campaigns around individual chapters. During March we covered projects and costs. The last fortnight has focused on storage.

As part of the campaign, I interviewed a number of key industry experts from Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. We also heard from a couple of projects – Australia’s Otway and the American AEP Mountaineer Project, the world’s only coal fired power plant that has captured and stored CO2 since 2009.

Here is a round-up of all the storage blogs, a running sheet of headlines if you will.

Should it be CSC not CCS...?

I opened the campaign with a blog arguing that storage should be at the front of a  manager’s mind from the outset of an integrated CCS project, given the long lead times and geological 'uniqueness' of each underground CO2 storage site. Read more>>

Skills and experience

Keith Spence, former head of the Australian Carbon Storage Taskforce, and former senior executive at Woodside, talked about the skills required for storage assessment and development – namely geology and engineering - being in short supply around the world. This presents a short-term constraint for project proponents and a long-term opportunity for policymakers and educators. Read more>>

Onshore vs. offshore CO2 storage - six questions for Dr. Cor Hoftsee

I posed six questions to Dr. Cor Hoftsee, member of the Geo-Energy Group at TNO, whose thoughts on onshore vs. offshore are particularly relevant given his role within the Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI) Read more>>

South Africa's experience with CO2 storage - seven questions for Tony Surridge

I interviewed Tony Surridge whose organisation is trying to move forward the CCS agenda following the completion of the first CO2 storage atlas for South Africa. Read more>>

Saline aquifers can take the pressure

In this post, I examined the emerging debate around the ability of saline reservoirs to accept large volumes of CO2. In doing so I looked at a new paper by Zhou and Birkholzer from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Read more>>

Four questions for Dr Steve Whittaker on the CO2 storage experience through enhanced oil recovery

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has been using CO2 since the 1970s to increase recovery of oil. In this blog I posed some questions on the subject to Dr. Steve Whittaker, who has worked on the Weyburn-Midale project in Canada. Read more>>

Reviewing the experience from the CO2CRC Otway Project

Dr. Peter Cook, head of the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC), talked about the Otway project, Australia’s first and currently only demonstration of the deep geological storage of CO2. Read more>>

AEP Mountaineer Plant, 18 months and 33,000 metric tons of CO2 storage

Here we heard from Gary Spitznogle from the American Electric Power (AEP) Mountaineer project in West Virginia, USA, which is the world’s first integrated system capturing and storing about 90 per cent of CO2 in the treated flue gas. The project has more than two years of experience with storage by now. Read more>>

I hope you have enjoyed these blogs, and stay tuned for next week’s campaign on public engagement. If you have any questions or comments, please post them and we’ll get back to you.

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We value your feedback about this content. Please let us know what you think: