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Public engagement campaign round-up

Following the launch of the Global CCS Institute's Global Status of CCS: 2010 report, we have been running short campaigns around individual chapters. During March and April we covered projects, costs and storage. The last fortnight has focused on public engagement.

As part of the campaign, we have hosted blog posts from a number of industry experts who share some great insights into their public engagement experiences as well as some very practical advice.

Here is a round-up of all the public engagement blogs, a running sheet of headlines if you will.

Public Engagement - an essential element to successful project deployment

Mat Norton outlines that we’re seeing a consistent set of themes emerging from the public engagement data available which project proponents should be aware of when developing public engagement approaches. Read more>>

Public engagement at Tenaska's Trailblazer project

In this video interview, Jeff James looks at a report on public engagement which discusses the steps Tenaska Trailblazer project took to inform the public and seek to gain support for the Project. Read more>>

ESTEEM: Engaging stakeholders through a systematic toolbox

Ynke Feenstra discusses ESTEEM (Engage stakeholders through a systematic toolbox to manage new energy projects), a practical toolbox consisting of six steps and 16 instruments to measure, analyse and facilitate societal acceptance of new energy projects. Read more>>

Public Engagement tips from CO2CRC

One of the best ways of building capabilities and sharing knowledge is through practical examples and information. In this blog post, Dr Peter Cook, talks openly about the public engagement approach implemented at the CO2CRC Otway Project. Read more>>

Why we need a Communications and Engagement Toolkit for CCS Projects

Peta Ashworth, Group Leader at CSIRO talks about the catalyst for the creation of the Communications and Engagement Toolkit for CCS Projects, its evolution, and how the toolkit should be an organic. Read more>>

The FutureGen projects and public perceptions

Gretchen Hund and Sallie Greenberg, the FutureGen Stakeholder Engagement Team, discuss the FutureGen project which aims to build one of the world’s first near-zero emission power plants using CCS. Read more>>

Bringing science to life – The Scottish Schools Carbon Capture and Storage Project

Kirsty Anderson tells us about an ambitious high school education program focused specifically on CCS. Kirsty provides an excellent video of the students experiencing the program. Read more>>

Public Engagement on Carbon Capture and Storage – Response to Tenaska Trailblazer Energy Center Project

Peta Ashworth, Group Leader at CSIRO, outlines several things that struck her about the project including the economic impact studies, the involvment of a retired, well-known, local banker, importance placed on public engagement and the sensitive issue of water. Read more>>

4 indications of progress in CCS public outreach and engagement

Sarah Wade, following her attendance at a recent conference in Pittsburgh, outlines the four indicators she believes indicate progress on the front of CCS public outreach and engagement feedback. Read more>>

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